About Me

Good people,
Most royal greening verdancy,
Rooted in the sun,
You shine with radiant light,
in this circle of earthly existence
You shine so finely,
it surpasses understanding.
God hugs you.
You are encircled by the arms
of the mystery of God.

Hildegard of Bingen

Hi, I’m Valerie. Welcome to my site! I use this blog to talk about what I am reading and discovering about the Bible and God’s story of redemption of his people through his Son, Jesus Christ.

I have several years of New Testament Greek training, and in my day job, I’m a linguist. You can find out more about me here.

But though I bring the skills of my training and profession to the Bible, God’s Word is like no other text. It is a story with authority, of incredible mystery and incomparable hope. It is a work of genius, a bottomless treasure chest full of gems to be discovered. On every page, the Creator of the universe is telling us something about who he is and what he has planned for us.

One day, the Lamb Himself will be our lamp.

In this time before he comes again, I read God’s Word in order to learn more about, to draw closer to, and become more like Jesus. I claim his promise that if I seek him, I will find him on every page, in every story.

I approach the Bible with these things in mind:

  • The Bible is like no other book. The Bible is God’s Word, divinely authored and written by humans inspired by the Holy Spirit.
  • God as Divine Author unites all of the Bible together in a grand story that tells us over and over of the same mysterious truth:
    The Creator of the universe became human in order to rescue his people from our sin and establish his Kingdom.
  • The work of seeking that we do by reading and re-reading, equipped by the Spirit and the help of other Christians, reveals to us the great mystery and genius of how God saved his people and what he has planned for us.

I write with care, with knowlege of the creeds, knowing full well the danger of false teaching that separates people from the love of Christ.
But I also write with freedom, knowing that on this side of heaven, we will never have it all figured out and that there is joy in exploration.
And of course, I write as a woman, having witnessed that the Christian church is not loving or listening to women as we should.

And yet! In the Bible, the land, the people Israel, the city Jerusalem, the global church are feminine realities. When I read the Bible, I keep in my mind and heart where things end, or better yet, where things become new, when Jesus Christ will return and we will be reunited with him in glory, as His bride, in a new heavens and a new earth where all of creation will be re-created in all its beauty.