Two Can Resist Him: Matthew 18 and the Power of Two

Key Texts: Ecclesiastes 4; Matthew 18:1-20 Jesus’s words in Matthew 18 about confronting a brother in sin are among the most frequently weaponised in service of power and against the persecuted. “But have you approached this person privately about this? Have you followed Matthew 18?” These are questions that so many of us will recogniseContinue reading “Two Can Resist Him: Matthew 18 and the Power of Two”

The Daughters of Job: An Inheritance Among Our Brothers

This morning, I finished reading the book of Job. I had already planned to begin rereading it from tomorrow as the richness of this book’s symbolic use of the natural world is utterly breathtaking. I don’t feel ready to leave it yet! But it is instead the book’s end – Job’s daughters specifically – whichContinue reading “The Daughters of Job: An Inheritance Among Our Brothers”

Songs of deliverance surround you

There is no step that God’s people have taken, no moment in our journey towards the land of Promise, no command given to us, that the Lord Jesus has not Himself completed but in perfect holiness. Christian, rest in Christ’s completed work today. Grasp hold of the peace of His Perfect Wisdom. The waters ofContinue reading “Songs of deliverance surround you”