Behold the Clouds of Heaven

“I kept looking in the night visions,And behold, with the clouds of heavenOne like a Son of Man was coming,And He came up to the Ancient of DaysAnd was presented before Him.Daniel 7:13 Sometimes, and lately in particular, when I am reading the Bible or just sitting and puzzling over a text, something catches the cornerContinue reading “Behold the Clouds of Heaven”

No Longer a Slave, More than a Slave

How can I say anything about 1 Kings, about the Temple of Solomon, without talking about slavery? How can I encounter slavery yet again in 2 Chronicles without eyeing up this bitter pill and figuring out what to do with it? Then Solomon took a census of all the aliens who were residing in theContinue reading “No Longer a Slave, More than a Slave”

The Way of All the Earth

In the Old Testament, when a person died, it is said that he “went to be with his fathers.” In Genesis 15:15, God told Abram, As for you, you shall go to your fathers in peace; you will be buried at a good old age. Joseph too, when close to death, said, Please do not buryContinue reading “The Way of All the Earth”

The Month of Light

When a non-Jewish person writes a book on the Jewish festivals and seasons, I imagine Jewish scholars are sortof like uhhhh errrr duh we’ve already written a million books on that. It’s become my practice to try to honour Jewish Bible scholars by going to their work in the first instance when I am tryingContinue reading “The Month of Light”