Two Can Resist Him: Matthew 18 and the Power of Two

Key Texts: Ecclesiastes 4; Matthew 18:1-20 Jesus’s words in Matthew 18 about confronting a brother in sin are among the most frequently weaponised in service of power and against the persecuted. “But have you approached this person privately about this? Have you followed Matthew 18?” These are questions that so many of us will recogniseContinue reading “Two Can Resist Him: Matthew 18 and the Power of Two”

Those who see the sun

Readings: Ecclesiastes 7:1-14; 1 Corinthians 15:12-19 Ecclesiastes is medicine for the wounded and their helpers and especially those with visions of empire. Grand designs! High hopes! Victorious visions! We set out to overturn oppressors, rescue castaways, sort out all the systems, win the world! Ecclesiastes speaks back. “Vanity of vanities,” its writer declares. “All isContinue reading “Those who see the sun”

A Stone’s Throw Away

The Bible’s rocks and stones have come up in my previous studies here and there, but there’s still more mystery on which to meditate. A while back, I considered the interplay between iron and rock. Ironwork was considered the work and weapon of the enemies of God (Ex. 20:25, Jdgs 1:19, 1 Kgs 6:7, 2 SamContinue reading “A Stone’s Throw Away”